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Blendlife India

I want to add product price to the sticky add to cart button on Mobile as well?


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Albion Ace Fitness

This was previously available


Albion Ace Fitness

The price was showing on mobile sticky add to cart before version 4.0.0, you just need to make the add to cart smaller, and there will be room for the price to show, the add to cart button on mobile is currently a full bar rather than a button, taking up all the space. Conversion may drop if the price is not shown on the sticky bar on mobile, can you please have a 2nd look ?


Andre N.

Hey there!

Andre here with Debutify's Development team 😊

We carefully evaluated your request, considering the experience of your customers on mobile.

Unfortunately, displaying the product price on mobile Sticky Add-To-Cart isn't currently possible.

Here's the thing...

Mobile screens are very narrow 📲 and they give us little room to display information. So we're limited in what we can add.

That's why we opted to show only the most important elements to help you get more conversions.

If we added the price in too, there wouldn't be enough space for the other elements... in other words, your conversion rates could potentially drop. But more importantly, your customers wouldn't have such a good experience!

This is why we're not showing the product price on mobile.

However, keep in mind--your customers will still be able to see the price on your Product Page, Cart and Checkout.

So they'll certainly have all the info they need to make the purchase and enjoy shopping on your store 😄

I hope that makes sense.

If you have any other feedback, shoot!

To more customers & dollars... 💸


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Andre N.

Status changed to: Under review