DisplayInventory by Location

Darin Scherba

The ability or option to display inventory levels by location. Aka Multiple warehouse locations in shopify. Ideally, link that with geo location to automatically choose the location nearest the customer.

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Andre N.

Status changed to: Closed


Andre N.

Hey Darin,

Andre here with Debutify's dev team.

Thanks for submitting the request! 😊

We've carefully examined the details, and we think it's best to handle the availability of your products using Shopify directly.

Doing this in Debutify would make it difficult for you to manage more products and regions as you grow your store.

That being said...

For now, we'll be closing this request.

But feel free to reach out to our support team if you need help with this. We'll be more than happy to assist! 😀

Wishing you more sales 💸


Muhammad Afzaal

Hi Darin,
Thank you for adding a feature request, we appreciate that you are concerned and want us to improve. Our dev team will evaluate this & we will let you know.