Quick View Feature Doesn't Work

Marko Obretkovich

I have the quick view enabled and I paid the premium plan. But for some reason it doesn not work, and it's not popping up like it used to. I really like the quick view and utilize it on the home page. Some help here would be appreciated.

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Hi Marko,

Thank you for the feedback.
For activation of Quickview:
Path: Theme settings > Debutify Add-on Library > Activate

For Settings of Quickview:
Path: Theme settings > Quickview > Settings.

For Usages:
To Add/View the Quickview: Homepage
Path: In Homepage > Add new Section (i.e. Featured Collection) > When Linked with collections > Clicked on the collection > You can see a quick view icon (as per settings).

Product Page:
On Product page > Quickview will be displayed on Related Products.

If Still you are experiencing the same issue feel free to contact
Have a nice day.