Quantity Break, Mega Menu, F.A.Q

Roller Ritual

Quantity break is not working at all, i set it up and watched the "how to" but still doesn't work, Mega menu isn't working at all too, and the f.a.q section isn't showing.


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FAQ as Section/Add-on: Theme users can add the FAQ add-on from Debutify Add-ons Library as well as in Theme customizer you can add FAQ section as well > their display will be set according to the theme user.

FAQ Page: Online stores > pages > Add page (Title: FAQ > choose Template suffix > page.faq).


For Mega Menu:

Path for Activation: Theme Settings > Debutify add-ons > (Activate/check)Mega Menu
Path for Setting: Theme customizer > Header > Add (Mega menu - its options (Collections, Products, images)).


Roller Ritual,

For Quantity Breaks: You can add the Quantity break add-on from the Debutify Add-on library.

Path: Theme Settings > Debutify Add-ons > (Activate/Check) Qunatity Breaks.

Path: In Product Page > Theme Customizer > Quantity Breaks > Add new QB in Content > Choose ( Minimum quantity of items, Discount code & Price) > Settings available for Product page as well for cart Page.

If discounts are created then you can add them else you can create them in Shopify dashboard > Discounts > Add new discounts ( Discount code, Value, Minimum requirements).


Hi Roller Ritual,

Thank you for the feedback, upon evaluating in theme version 3.0.1 all the add-ons are working properly.