Debutify Theme 3.0.4

More features. More control. More sales.

Our latest update shows our commitment to make Debutify the all-in-one Shopify solution. In this update, we have a new Add-On, improvements, and bug fixes that give you more power to customize your store and increase conversions. Plus, the release of our new advanced marketing masterclasses!




Add draggable sections with Page Builder

Our NEW Page Builder Add-On allows you to add draggable sections to both product and custom pages. You can use blocks to add or delete different sections on the pages. Each block will have visibility settings where you can decide on which condition to show this block.


Choose the perfect image size

A dropdown setting allows you to easily switch between three image sizes for your product page. Choose between small, medium, or large picture sizes.


Choose the sections to show/hide on desktop and mobile

We have added a new visibility setting for dynamic sections. You can easily control which sections to show/hide in the Desktop and Mobile view.


Advanced Marketing Masterclass now available

We have released Ricky's Advanced Marketing Masterclass. Double down on increasing store traffic and check out the advanced courses on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads. There's also advanced courses on Product Research, Shopify Store Development, and Productivity Apps to help you scale your store even further.

To access the courses, go to your Shopify store's admin dashboard, click Apps>Debutify Dev>Training Courses

Theme and Add-On Improvements

We're still focused on improving our conversion-focused Add-Ons in commitment to help you Scale the Smart Way!

Upsell Bundles Add-On Improvements:

We made a couple of updates to one of our most used Add-Ons. First, we improved the upsell bundles' layout on mobile view. Second — this has been requested by most of you — users can now assign a unique discount code for every bundle.

Quantity Breaks Add-On Improvements:

  • Users can now choose between showing the Total Price or the Discounted Single Item Price of the quantity breaks.

Custom Currency Add-On Improvement:

  • More options for Product Price Format. Users can now choose between hiding and showing the price decimal numbers.

Theme Improvement:

  • Currency Selector is now available both at the Header and Footer.

Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make Debutify the highest-converting Shopify theme, we took extra focus on eliminating bugs in the platform. Here's a quick rundown on the top fixes for this update:

  • Fixed an issue where Keyboard overlaps with the Password field when a user tries to enter the store password in mobile view.
  • Fixed the issue of Twitchy Scrolling on Homepage for Mobile.
  • Fixed the issue with the Header Transparency.
  • Fixed the issue with the Reload Timer in the Sales Countdown Add-On.
  • Fixed the issue with the alignment of the 'Add To Cart' and 'Buy It Now' buttons
  • Fixed the issue with the alignment of the Sticky Add-To-Cart button for longer product names.
  • Fixed the issue with Inventory Quantity not showing random values when the option is checked.
  • Fixed the issue with Upsell Popup not updating images when changing variants.
  • Fixed the issue with Upsell Bundles not updating images when changing variants in the cart.
  • Fixed the issue Discount Badge not showing when swiping product images on mobile.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to click the Add To Cart Button when viewing the Product Details tab.
  • Fixed the issue on Multi-currency in Cart Goal.
  • Fixed the issue with the Cart goal icon position in the cart.
  • Fixed the issue on the Size Chart Add-On when the user tries to add several charts to one product.
  • Fixed the issue with the Video looping setting in the Product sections.
  • Fixed the issue with Safari where the customer is redirected to a blank page.
  • Fixed the issue with Newsletter Pop-Up floating button not showing on the Firefox browser.
  • Fixed the issue with the Custom Currencies Add-On message was showing in the Free plan
  • Fixed the issue with the Collection Filter Add-On where it was showing in the Free plan.