Debutify Theme 3.0.6

Enhanced custom shopping experience.


Here in Debutify, we value top-notch customer experience. Not only for you but also for your shoppers. Because happy customers drive "happier" revenue lines!

In Debutify 3.0.6, we've added two new Add-Ons, improved our Theme and Add-on, and rolled out bug fixes. This update will help you give your store visitors custom and enhanced shopping experiences.

NEW! Product Swatches Add-On

Help your customers find the right product while boosting your SEO. Product Swatches allows you to create product groups and link them as swatches on each products page. With our new Add-On, you can say goodbye to another heavy app that slows down your store!

Find the perfect product variant in a snap

We noticed you are creating unique product pages for your variants so you can display them as a collection. The problem is, once they click the specific variant they want, it's hard for your shoppers to see the other variants. 

Now with the Product Swatches Add-On, you can link the different product variants and show them as swatches. When your shopper chooses the other swatches they will be automatically redirected to its own product page. 

Show variants on the collection page

When you group your products swatches, the variants are automatically shown on the collection page. 

Link related products as swatches

Since the product swatches links and groups different products as variants, you can be creative with the use of this Add-On. Add related products, upsells, or even product bundles as variants to your products. 

NEW! Customizable Products Add-On

Do you offer custom text engraving or printing? How about letting your customers include a custom message with their products and give it as a gift? Or perhaps you're just thinking of doing these but don't know how...

Now you can, with our new Customizable Products Add-On that lets your customers add a custom message/information on your product page.

This Add-On allows different types of user inputs such as text fields, checkboxes, and dropdown options. 

Other settings of this Add-On include:

  • Set as required. Users cannot checkout without entering the required information.
  • Show on Checkout. Customers can make sure the entered message/information is correct before checking out.
  • Visibility Settings. Option to show add-on based on the collection, type, tag, or specific products.

Make your customer feel really special with the Customizable Products Add-on!

We have also added the Sold Items Add-On which allows you to display a sales number on the product pages.

Theme and Add-On Improvements

We continuously improve our conversion-focused Add-Ons to make Debutify your All-in-One Shopify Optimizer.

Cart Goal Add-On Improvements

We know that the Shipping Fee greatly depends on one factor, and that is the Shipping Location. Usually, the farther the location the higher the shipping fee. And if you offer free shipping, then your profits are also affected by the shipping location.

Now, with the new geo-location ability of our Cart Goal Add-On, you can increase or decrease the goal amount for free shipping depending on your shoppers' location.

You can choose between the regions of the world (Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Mediterranean, and the Middle East) or enter the name of a specific country.

Increase or decrease your goal amount for each region or country and see your profits and order values go up!

Theme Improvements

We're also focused on improving the Persuasive Design Technology of the Debutify Theme to help you Scale the Smart Way!

  • Product Titles on the featured product section on the homepage can now be clicked. Clicking the product title will direct your shoppers to the product page.
  • Users can now hide the Collection Titles on the collection grid. To do this just go to Collection List > Theme Settings > Advanced Settings > Collection Grid and tick the 'Hide collection title' checkbox
  • The Announcement Bar message is optimized to fit the mobile version better.

Other Improvements

  • We added info texts in our Back in Stock and Newsletter Pop-Up Add-On settings to make it easier for you to use our Add-Ons.
  • We have also added the Sold Items Add-On that allows you to display a sales number on the product pages.

Bug Fixes

We have been hard at work to make Debutify the highest-converting Shopify theme. And with the release of our newest update, we've taken extra care to remove these bugs from the platform:

  • Fixed an issue with Linked options + Color swatches add-on when they are activated together.
  • Fixed an issue with Cart for the redirect functionality.
  • Fixed an issue with Quantity breaks logic.
  • Fixed an issue with FAQ page visibility.
  • Fixed an issue with Sales Countdown not showing on the collection page after filtering.
  • Fixed an issue with the Wish list on the collection page after filtering.
  • Fixed an issue with collection filtering.
  • Fixed an issue with the Add-to-Cart button on the Firefox browser.
  • Fixed an issue with Size chart pop-up visibility.
  • Fixed an issue with Sales Countdown prioritization of visibility settings.
  • Fixed an issue with Quick view popup to hide [split_description] shortcode.
  • Fixed an issue with the pop-up close button position when there is no modal title.
  • Fixed an issue with translations on the checkout page.