Debutify Theme 3.0.3


  • New Order Feedback Add-On: Add a form in the cart where customers can select how they heard about your store.
  • New Page Speed Booster Add-On: Preload the next page when a customer hovers a link for "x" seconds, that way the next page will already be preloaded.
  • New Product Bullet Points Add-On: Add customizable bullet points with icons on the product page.
  • New Inactive Tab Message Add-On: Display a different page title when a customer leaves the browser or goes to another browser tab.
  • New Back In Stock Add-On: Display a newsletter signup form when a product variant is sold out.
  • New Synced Variant Image Add-On: Automatically select the variant of a product when its associated image is selected.
  • New Cart Favicon Add-On: Swap the page favicon to a secondary image when there is a product in the cart.
  • New Agree To Terms Add-On: Ask customers to agree with your Terms & conditions before checking out.
  • New Collection Filters Add-On: Create filters for your products on the collection page.
  • New Skip Cart Add-On: Send customers directly to the checkout page when the add to cart button is clicked.
  • New Sales Price color option added to the Color settings.
  • New Font Size option added to the Header section.
  • New Split Description option added to the Product page to show a brief version of your product description.


  • Improved the Sales Countdown Add-On: Create multiple different timers and display timers directly inside each product grid item.
  • Improved the Mobile Menu Add-On: The Add-On has been renamed to the Menu bar and can now be shown on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Improved the Megamenu Add-On: New option to attach a link to the Megamenu dropdown link.
  • Improved the Slideshow section: New option to add links to each slide (image).
  • Improved the Inventory Quantity Add-On: New option to set a minimum threshold value before showing the inventory quantities.
  • Improved the Typography theme settings: New option to change the navigation menu font size.
  • Improved the Product page: Images will now follow the page when scrolling.
  • Improved the Trust Badges Add-On: New option to change the position of the badges in the cart drawer under the checkout button.
  • Improved the Contact page: New option to display a Map section under the contact form.
  • Improved the Wish List Add-On: New option to share the wish list products via a link.
  • Improved the Newsletter Pop-Up Add-On: New option to add a background image + improved trigger option based on a timer, exit-intent, or scroll depth.
  • New Padding size settings for sections are added in the Advanced settings tab for Section padding for the Desktop version.


  • Fixed an issue where the Color Swatches and Collection Add-To-Cart Add-On would stop working for some products in a carousel.
  • Fixed an issue where the Delivery Time Add-On "show as a date" option would show the min. date as the max date.
  • Fixed an issue with the Wish List Add-On when a saved product was deleted from the Shopify admin
  • Fixed an issue where the Collection and Gallery items were not the same height when long titles were used.
  • Fixed an issue where the Upsell Pop-Up Add-On would stop working when more than 20 upsells were created.
  • Fixed an issue where the Upsell Bundles Add-On would show a dropdown for products with no variants.
  • Fixed an issue with the Social Discount Add-On where the delay is increased (average time to share the post).
  • Fixed an issue with the Product Description tabs were unable to click.
  • Fixed an issue with the Delivery Time Add-On where icons were too close with text.
  • Fixed an issue with the Cart Goal Add-On where goal amount will display the accurate calculation in decimal numbers.