Debutify 4.7.0

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Welcome, 2022!

There's no better way to start the new year than with a bang!

In this update, let's welcome the year with a new Add-On! We have also made huge improvements in the functionality of our existing Add-Ons. Here are the details of our newest update:


NEW! ⚡️Delivery Date Add-On

Our newest Add-On allows your shoppers to select their preferred delivery date and time

Aside from the price, the most important information your consumers will look for when they get to the store's checkout is the estimated delivery dates. Delivery dates are an essential element for online purchasers, and oftentimes it is a deciding factor for them. That is why we want to take a step further and earn their trust more by allowing them to choose their preferred delivery date. 

When you activate the Delivery Date Add-On, a new section will appear on your cart. Your shoppers can click the Delivery Date Add-On and a calendar will appear. This will allow them to select their preferred delivery date. At the bottom of the calendar, they can also input their preferred delivery time.

The Delivery Date Add-On settings give the option to exclude certain days. You can also choose to make selecting the preferred delivery date either optional or required before checking out. When your shopper's checkout, their preferred delivery date will appear in the 'Additional Details' section of their order information.

The Delivery Date Add-On works best with our Delivery Time Add-On.

NEW! Theme Settings

We have also updated our theme with new settings to make it more elegant and persuasive.

🦋 Enable History State

We have added a new option in the Product Section Settings to control the history state of the product. Enabling history state will show the variant ID in the product page URL. Conversely, disabling the history state will hide the variant ID in the product page URL.

Add-On Improvements

We continuously improve our conversion-focused Add-Ons to make Debutify your All-in-One Shopify Optimizer 🛒.

⚡️Improved Functionality of 10 Add-Ons

We improved the functionality of 10 Add-Ons. The Add-Ons improved (listed below) can set up to 10 items in a single block. With the current Shopify limit of 16 blocks per Add-On, users now have a total of 160 items per Add-On.

Here's the list of the improved Add-Ons:
⚡️Cart Goal Add-On
⚡️Cart Upsell Add-On
⚡️Color Swatches Add-On
⚡️Delivery Time Add-On
⚡️FAQ Add-On
⚡️Product Bullet Points Add-On
⚡️Product Swatches Add-On
⚡️Sales Countdown Add-On
⚡️Upsell Bundles Add-On
⚡️Upsell Pop-Up Add-On

⚡️Customizable Products Add-On

Users can now change the placeholder text of the Customizable Products Add-On. 

We added a 'Placeholder' field in the text field settings. Use the placeholder to guide your buyers on the input and/or format of the customization text field.

To change the placeholder text, in the Theme Editor go to ⚡️Customizable Products, click the text field you want to edit, and go to the 'Placeholder' field to change the placeholder text.

⚡️Product Tabs Add-On

Images inside the Product Tabs Add-On can now be hyperlinked. We added the 'Image link' field to make images clickable.

To set the image link, in the Theme Editor go to ⚡️Product Tabs, choose the Text/Image/HTML block you want to edit, and go to the 'Image link' field to input the link.

Theme Improvements

We're still focused on improving our theme, in an effort to make it more elegant and persuasive.

🦋 Search 

We improved the Theme's Search Functionality by adding new search criteria. You can now enable search within the Collections, Products, Blog Articles, and Pages. 

To set the search criteria, in the Theme Editor, go to Theme Settings > Advanced Settings > Search and check the search criteria you want to enable.

🦋 Theme Customizer

We added new text sections in the Theme Customizer to inform users about the new Theme translation settings.

Bug Fixes

We have been hard at work to make Debutify the highest-converting Shopify theme. And with the release of our newest update, we've taken extra care to remove these bugs from the platform:

🐞Fixed: Cart Favicon Add-On not showing the favicon when there are products in the cart.
🐞Fixed: Collection Button not visible in the collection grid.
🐞Fixed: Collection Page showing Grid view instead of List view when opening another collections page.
🐞Fixed: Inactive Tab Message Add-On displaying different symbols on the tab text.
🐞Fixed: Newsletter Pop-Up Add-On not displaying the discount code after opt-in.
🐞Fixed: Sales Countdown Add-On still showing a countdown timer after the timer expired.
🐞Fixed: Sales Countdown Add-On not displaying the countdown timer when the Collections Page is set to list view.
🐞Fixed: Wishlist Add-On displaying on all pages with the default template.

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