Debutify Theme 3.0.5

Add-On Improvements

We continuously improve our conversion-focused Add-Ons to make Debutify your All-in-One Shopify Optimizer

In this update, we made big changes to our Quantity Break Add-On. Other add-on improvements include: removing the limitations of Cart Upsell Add-On, adding new settings to our Delivery Time Add-On, and adding the ability to disable the Product Sharing option in Product Pages.

More ways to increase order value

With this update, you have more ways to reward your customers when they purchase multiple items from your store. 

The Quantity Break Add-On now has two options, the Cart Break, and the Product Break. Cart Break block allows you to give your customers a discount based on the number of items in their cart. 

Product break block allows you to set quantity breaks for specific Product/Collection selections. Visibility settings are also improved. You now have the flexibility to show/hide quantity breaks on the product page. 

You can set up to 5 radio buttons for the quantity breaks. We also did the calculations for you: Display prices can be shown as total price or single quantity while Discount options can be a percentage or a fixed amount. 

Cart Upsell Add-On Improvement:

Another way to increase your order value is by having cart upsell. With the removal of the 20 upsell limitation for the Cart Upsell Add-On, you now have the control to set the number of upsells on the cart.

Other Add-On Improvements

Delivery Time Add-on Improvement:

We have added new settings for the Estimate of Shipping Times in the Delivery Time Add-On.

Improved the visibility settings of the Delivery Time Add-On. You now have the control to set different estimated delivery dates for every product, collection, tag, or type. 

Give a more accurate delivery date estimate with the added flexibility to exclude shipping days (like weekends), and set an order cut-off time for processing.

Product Page Setting Improvements:

We have added a new option to disable the Product Sharing option on Product pages.

Bug Fixes

In our continued effort to make Debutify the highest-converting Shopify theme, we took extra focus on eliminating bugs in the platform. Here's a quick rundown on the top fixes for this update:

  • Fixed the Color options in "Product images" for color swatch.
  • Fixed the adjustments of the Svg logo in the Header for the Mobile Version.
  • Fixed an issue with Newsletter Popup Positioning & Overlay settings.
  • Fixed an issue with Dynamic Checkout Buttons when a user agrees to terms is not checked.
  • Fixed an issue with the Clear Button in the "Collection Filters" Add-On.
  • Fixed an issue in Size chart prioritization & visibility settings.
  • Fixed an issue with Order Tracking Add-On for Colored boxes instead of placeholder text and button text.
  • Fixed an issue for the Prioritization in Sales Countdown Add-On.
  • Fixed the Spanish Translation issues for Cart & Checkout.
  • Fixed the checkout for Cart Page.
  • Fixed an issue of Discount Saving Badge for the 'Savings amount' on the Collection Page.
  • Fixed Alignment issues with Upsell Bundles in Mobile.
  • Fixed an issue with Automatic Discount on checkout.
  • Fixed an issue with Upsell Popup when changing product variants.
  • Fixed an issue with Cart Discount Add-On for checkout.
  • Fixed a Popup title for the Social Discount Add-On.
  • Fixed a close icon position if there is no title in Modal for the Social Discount Add-On.