Debutify Theme 3.0.2

HOTFIXES 02-05-2021

  • Fixed UTM parameter getting removed on product pages
  • Fixed issue with Cart Savings Add-On not calculating the correct amounts
  • Fixed issue with Sticky Add-To-Cart Add-On long product name
  • Fixed issue where button variant picker of soldout variants was not clickable


  • New Infinite Scroll Add-On! Replace paginations with a "Load more" button or by automatically loading items as you scroll down the page.
  • New Cart Savings Add-On! Display the total amount of savings in the cart. This works with both on sale variants and discount codes applied in the cart
  • New pagination added to the Collection list page
  • New Custom font select for each Slideshow slides
  • New option to customize the button and link of the Feature collections and Featured products sections


  • Improved the Shop Protect Add-On to also prevent the text copy of the Quick View and Product Tabs Add-Ons
  • Improved the Upsell Pop-Up Add-On to also trigger when adding products from the Cart Upsell Add-On
  • Improved the Sticky Add-To-Cart Add-On layout + Added a variant dropdown + synced the main product page variant selected
  • Improved the FAQ Add-On to be displayed separately on the product page, the home page, and in the actual FAQ page
  • Improved the Live View Add-On to display a more natural number of visitors and added more customization settings


  • Fixed an issue where the Upsell Pop-Up Add-On would not trigger when another language was selected
  • Fixed an issue where product images would sometimes be blurry
  • Fixed an issue where the Cart Upsell Add-On would not function properly when the cart page option was enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the Live View Add-On would display "NaN" instead of a number
  • Fixed a layout issue on the Gift card page
  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Currencies Add-On would not show the correct symbol
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick View Add-On would display the Add-To-Cart button when a variant is sold out
  • Fixed an issue where the Cart Countdown Add-On would not trigger when the cart page option was enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the Pricing Table Add-On badge was overlapping other page elements
  • Fixed an issue where the carousel autoplay setting would stop working on mobile devices