Debutify Theme 3.0.1

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New PayPal payment option available for your Debutify subscription
New Quarterly billing cycle options at 10% off


🎁 Discount code management
Discount codes coming from any Add-Ons (Upsell Pop-Up, Quantity Breaks, Newsletter Pop-Up, Social Discount) are now automatically showing the saving amount in the cart. The highest discount code will also now be automatically applied to the cart. 

Newsletter Pop-Up Add-On
New option to automatically apply discount codes to the cart when registering to the newsletter

Social Discount Add-On
New option to automatically apply discount codes to the cart when sharing on social media


Improved page load speed

Password page
Ability to add links and other richtext capability to the password page content section

Page Transition Add-On
Improved Page transition smoothness

Quantity Breaks Add-On
Improved layout and updated position in the cart to be more simple and user friendly

Upsell Pop-Up
Removing an upsell product from the cart will now automatically remove the associated discount code


Product page
Fixed issue where 3D models thumbnail was missing

Instagram Feed Add-On
Fixed Instagram Feed full-width option display

Live View Add-On
Fixed issue where Live View number doesn't change

 Discount Saved Add-On
Fixed issue where discount saved would not show in sticky Add-To-Cart Add-On and home page Featured product section

 Automatic Geolocation Add-On
Fixed issue where Automatic Geolocation would cause the page to refresh multiple times

Linked Options Add-On
Fixed issue where Linked Options would not be compatible with Color Swatches Add-On

Cart Countdown Add-On
Fixed issue where Cart Countdown Timer would not start when adding a product to cart

Cart Upsell Add-On
Fixed issue where Cart Upsell would not show on the cart page when updating the cart

Upsell Bundles Add-On
Fixed issue where Upsell Bundles would not show the correct savings amount