Nemeth Robert

I subscribed to the Growth plan about 4-5 days ago, which I was completely happy with at first. Unfortunately, while setting up the shop, I encountered a few problems, which the support did not help me with. I don't know whether I was chatting to robots or humans, but they were extremely annoyingly long-winded in their replies and I couldn't get anything from one to the other. Because of this I have been unable to launch my shop and generate revenue. I am seriously considering the enterprise plan, but with support like this I am unlikely to use it. So far I have only heard good things about their service, but unfortunately I have had more negative experiences. I hope we can bridge these in the future to have a long and profitable relationship for years to come.

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Taynara Barboza

I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience with our support. This is not the level of service that we strive to deliver.

Upon reviewing your chat history with us, our agents have already addressed the issues you've mentioned. As you may know, version 6.0 was launched last week with a few bugs; however, these have since been attended to, and fixes have been implemented in version 6.0.1. Moreover, we've applied the fix directly to your store, so it should be functioning as expected now.

Please feel free to continue your chat with our support agents for further clarification and assistance.

Best regards,