Stackable Discounts

Michael Teo

Allow Quantity/Cart breaks to be stackable with other shopify coupons. For example, a customer is offered 10% off if they buy 2 (Debutify quantity break), but then the customer cannot use the coupon 15% welcome offer I gave them via email.

Many other apps can already do this.


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Andre N.

Status changed to: Closed


Andre N.

Hey Michael!

Andre here with Debutify's Development team 😊

Unfortunately, it's not possible to stack multiple coupons in Shopify. This is one of the known limitations of the platform:

👉 help.shopify.com/en/manual/discounts/discounts-faq#can-customers-use-multiple-discount-codes-on-a-single-order

Our team can't work around this, as we have no way to change how Shopify works. Hope you'll understand that 🤗

However, our support team would be happy to chat with you and see if you can solve your problem with a different solution. Just send us a message in live chat 😀

To more sales, 💸


Andre N.

Status changed to: Under review


Muhammad Afzaal

Hi Michael,
We will be looking into your bug report and try to Evaluate it in order to provide you the best User Experience of the Debutify Theme. Have a great day, Thanks