Size Chart only to show on assigned products/collections

Phil Carter

The Size Chart option displays a size chart globally to all products, whether you want it to or not. Can the Size Chart only be displayed where specifically assigned (via individual products or collections), with no size chart present to unassigned products.


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Muhammad Afzaal

Hey guys,
Size chat add-on already has the visibility settings. You can find them: Home Page > Size chart > Visibility settings.
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Muhammad Afzaal

Hi Phil & Dave,
Thank you for adding a feature request, we appreciate that you are concerned and want us to improve. We will consider it for the future :)


Dave Q

it would be a basic feature. i use the size chart and it looks stupid on products that sizes are not relevant to.

All the Add Ons are "sold" by Debutify that you have all these apps that dont cost as much as others on the app store but the Debutify versions are always not as feature packed and just basic.