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Linda Jones

a built-in points rewards program for customers to join. I am using anexternal app called Stamped.io Loyalty & Rewards at present. It's ok but could be better. I am using the Stamped.io for Reviews also. Could Debutify build these two things into the theme?

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Muhammad Afzaal

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Andre N.

Hey Linda!

Andre here with Debutify's Development team 😊

Thank you for your request!

At the moment, we're not able to support those two features directly in the Debutify Theme.

However... we're actively working on building new solutions to help you with customer reviews and loyalty 🤗

We'll let you know as soon as they are ready, so you can check them out! 😀

Until then--stay tuned, and feel free to submit new requests. We're always looking for feedback 💪

Thanks! 😊



Muhammad Afzaal

Hi Linda,

Thank you for adding a feature request, we appreciate that you are concerned and want us to improve. our dev team will evaluate this & we will let you know.