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Carlos Júnior

Hi guys,

I'm using debutify theme on my store and I really like it, everything works great, the addons are super helpful, etc. My trial is ending and I would like to keep using it, but when I went check the plans prices, I almost fell off my chair.

U$149 for an American is like one day of work, but for a Brazilian, this is 25 days of work! Now imagine for people from even poorer countries.

I'm sure the theme worth the money, but for small businesses owners, it is impossible to pay (especially those from poor countries).

Could you guys re-evaluate this? I would really like to continue using debutify. I hope you understand and think a little about the audience in the less wealthy countries you have.

Thank you.


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Muhammad Afzaal

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Muhammad Afzaal

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Muhammad Afzaal

Hi Carlos,

Thank you for adding a feature request, we appreciate that you are concerned and want us to improve. Our dev team will evaluate this & we will let you know.