Make the Automatic Geolocation Free Again!

pete m

This used to be free and one of the main reasons why people use this theme.
Please make it free again as I am forced to upgrade plan to keep my site the same.

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Status changed to: Closed


Hi Pete,
Thank you for loving our Automatic Geolocation feature. We really appreciate your input regarding this, our aim is to provide you the best services. We will surely consider this in the future.
Have a wonderful day


Javier Garcia

so its just closed?


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Hi Javier :)

Yes the automatic geolocation is now an add-on which you can get in our lowest plan starting at $19/month (you will also get access to 4 other add-ons of you choosing to increase your store's conversion rate)

If you are looking for a free alternative, feel free to check this Shopify app apps.shopify.com/geolocation

Have a great day!


Paul Oneill

I cant believe this is now a paid add on. I did not even realise that its stopped working.
Now I have to get rid of one of my other add on's. It was also the reason I used the Debutify theme.