Make a Plan with 10 Add Ons- the hustler plan is too expensive

pete m

The starter plan doesn't have enough with 5 add ons but the hustler plan has too many and is FAR too expensive.
Please make a plan with 10 add ons which should be enough for most.


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Debutify Accounts

@feedbackers, Thank you for your Anticipation
We will be looking into your request and try to include it in the future.


Fred Dodder

I counted the number add ons that I want to use and its 8 so I would like this option


Javier Garcia

The Hustler plan is way too much. Having a plan for $29 with 10 add on would be great.


Dave AA

yes this would be great, i want to use more than 5 but don't have the budget for the hustler plan at 47$ per month is crazy