Cart Quantity Breaks with multiple levels


I am trying to run an offer in the for and have this displayed with in cart messgaes:
Buy 2 Get 20%
Buy 3 Get 30%
Buy 4 Get 40%

This use to be a quantity break feature in version 2.x but I am surprised to find this missing in the current version.

Please add this, without multiple tiers it kind of defeats the purpose of having quantity breaks to push up AOV

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Charles Weaver

there are far more problems with the quantity break in cart such as those messages "add 1 more to cart for X amount off" being hidden behind the ADD TO CART button on mobile when you have multiple items in the cart...

also the quantity break doesn't downgrade the code when items are removed....


Kevin Tjia

This feature should allow the quantity break to apply to specific categories/collections/products - like the product version does. To have this apply to everything in the cart only (entire store) is extremely limiting.


Debutify Accounts

Status changed to: Planned


Mirza Asad Baig

Status changed to: Under review


Mirza Asad Baig

Hi Ihusan,

I hope you are doing well. We updated upgraded our quantity breaker add-on in newer versions, you can set quantity breaks for a cart or specific products and collections.

Here is the quick guide: help.debutify.com/en/articles/5054197-how-to-enable-the-quantity-breaks-add-on-in-the-debutify-shopify-theme

If you have any queries please email us at support@debutify.com

Thank you!