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Do you have layout options for Blog Posts on our homepage? I didn't see it but wanted to ask.

I really don't like the layout (see attachment). I would prefer like the Collections Section where you can have them set as cards (together or separate) with the choice of the Title on the image or underneath.

I just find it this current layout taking up too much room.

I'm looking at various other sections you have and honestly, I may simply have to use one of the Feature sections, check out an app or two, or have it custom made.

It will depend on how much work I'll have to put in every time I update our blogs.

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Hi ipurgatoryllc
Can you please tell me, ''Section Style and Grid'' is not working on your end or they are not visible to you because, in the second image which you have shared, I can see both options



Hi. Section Style and Grid is not there. See attachment.


Hi ipurgatoryllc
Thanks for reaching us. Yes, we do provide options in the featured blog section. Have you checked that?
In the featured blog setting we provide
-Section style
-Number of rows
-Articles per row
-Show 'View all' button
-Button style


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