Slideshow image isn't responsive



When you first came out with 3.0 I was using the feature image cause I couldn't originally find the Slideshow.

Now I found it and tried to use it but I noticed it's not response as the Feature Image. It keeps cutting off when you shrink the browser.

See attachments. You can see one I'm using the Feature Image and it responds great when shrinking the browser.

The other is when I try to use the slideshow and it's not.


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Hi ipurgatoryllc
The size and shape of the slideshow depend on the size and shape of the customer's device, your slideshow images will be cropped on some screens. Try to use images that have a focal point in the middle so that the important part of each image is always visible.
We also have a mobile image setting in the slideshow to show a different image than on a desktop.
Have a nice day


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