Quantity Break & Cart Goal Don't Work Properly

Rostyslav Rulov

Two issues:
1. I've set up Quantity Breaks but it seems that the cart is giving an automatic discount even though it shouldn't.
2. My cart goal is $40 for FREE shipping but it seems to be giving free shipping no matter how much money is spent.


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Muhammad Afzaal

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Hi Rostyslav Rulov,
Thank you for reaching us. You will be glad to know that our team started working on these issues. Soon these issues will be fixed.
Have a nice day


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I'm okay with automatic discounts but I can confirm it's happening on my side.

What I'd like to change to is when you reduce your cart, it still keeps the discount on there. This should be automatically removed when one downsizes to the previous quantity break level.

1 attachment shows you the automatic discount added.
2nd attachment shows you that the cart has 1 item but the 10% discount is still applied.