Color swatches and linked options

juan sepulveda

When you have both activate. it generates and error when you pick a color variant and want to see other variants without the color selected. the color stay activate and dont let show the others variants

1. in the first photo i click the color gray
2. in the second photo i click clasica but the color is still pick and dont let to see the other colors available in my variant clasica. that is black, also i tried to unpick the color but it was not possible.
3. photo number 3 is a photo how normally would see after pick clasica without the bug.

and what im doing by now as solution is not activating linked option and it looks like photo number 4

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Juan Daniel Sepúlveda

in the new update is again with the same bug


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Hi juan sepulveda
Thanks for reaching us. We will review your issue and update you regarding this soon.
Have a nice day


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