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Carlos Manzueta

I update Debutify from 3.0.2 to 3.0.6 and after the update, the cart upsell addon have a bug... when the customer add any product to cart, this product is not added, the website change the product added to cart to the first product in cart upsell list... (For example, if the customer add to cart a t-shirt, and the first product in cart upsell is a baseball cap, the t-shirt is not added to cart, is the baseball cap is added to cart, i hope you understand my english, sorry) for this reason, i need disable 3.0.6 and use 3.0.2 again... Because the cart upsell addon is very important for me... (Cart upsell works very well in 3.0.2).

Please check this and fix cart upsell addon. I need this for update to the last version... Thanks in advance.


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Muhammad Afzaal

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Muhammad Afzaal

Hey Carlos,
We are not able to reproduce the reported issue encountered by you in our latest theme version. If you can try to install a fresh theme version without selecting to "copy custom code" from Debutify App. & see if you are still facing this issue?
Furthermore, You may also contact our support by messaging them from the Debutify theme Manager. Our live support is available from 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time from Mon to Fri or email us at: support@debutify.com

Have a nice time.