6.0 Logo Header impaired

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umar Iqbal

In version 6.0 the logo is not contained in the header, it bleeds out into the announcement bar and below. It also becomes blurry and squished when made smaller. It was perfect in 5.2.

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Taynara Barboza

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Mirza Asad Baig

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Taynara Barboza

Hi Umar,

Thanks for reaching out!

Open the theme editor and navigate to theme settings (⚙️). Then, access the Advanced settings tab.

Adjust the header height for either desktop or mobile, depending on where you are experiencing the issue. You can refer to the screenshot below for guidance; in this instance, I'm providing an example for mobile devices.

Ensure that the logo image is the same size as the header height.

If the height of the header exceeds the logo, it will stretch to accommodate the available space.

For further assistance, please reach out to us via email at support@debutify.com. Kindly include your Shopify URL and the 4-digit collaborator request code. Make sure to refer to this post so we can address your concerns properly.